The challenge for as an artist is to capture beauty and truth, scaling the heights of realism in a style that reflects color and light, to explore a wide varity of techniques and to create a piece of art to delight the eyes of the viewer. To mingle the distinct beauty of the past with the present, creating a sophisticated and timeless piece of art.

    My goal as a painter is to use the talents I have to try to come up with the best painting I can every time.

    In the midst of a tug of war torn between still life painting and my interest in sports art, I find myself at a croosroad. Although difficult, I am enthused by the dual path my art appears to be t
taking. For now I guess its just a balancing act.
    Being a self-taught artist, I like to study the works by those past masters who painted still lifes, with their composition and color. I wonder how they did it, and more inportant, how can I do it? The answer, I believe, is that an artist must address every level of his or her painting.  Everything down to the touch of the brush on the canvas. I have to admit that I'm still in the process of learning, but in my evolution as an artist I am enthused by the path my art appears to be taking. A journey that I am passionate about, and the destination is something I want to keep out of reach.
     My challenge as an artist is to find beauty in what others may overlook or even consider mundane. I want to give the viewer plenty to see in my work. A good painting can evoke all the senses, not just sight. The more senses a painting activates, the more interesting it is, and some can be so vivid as to make the viewer believe he or she can almost touch, taste or smell it. Good details make a painting a feast for more than just the eyes.
     With so many things in the world to make us uncomfortable, I want my art to provide the viewer a feeling of serenity. Those small intimate moments of life. An one final note. Life is ever so precious. Every single moment should be blessed and lived to the fullest. Embrace life with passion and follow your dreams, regardless of the odds.