Richard Newill: Still Life Paintings, Trompe L'oeil, Sports Art


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ODE TO WILLIAM HARNETT (thumbnail) HIDDEN TREASURE (thumbnail) Six Shooter with Badge (thumbnail) Pocketwatch (thumbnail) PAPER DOLLS (thumbnail) School Days (thumbnail) Fireman (thumbnail) Inflation (thumbnail) Pencil (thumbnail) The Babe (thumbnail) derringer (thumbnail) Fire Cracker (thumbnail) $2.00 on 508 (thumbnail) Get out of Jail Free (thumbnail) My First Dollar (thumbnail) Skeleton Key (thumbnail) $500.00 (thumbnail) INDIAN HEAD NICKLE (thumbnail) KEEPSAKES (thumbnail) MONEY TO BURN (thumbnail) GUN (thumbnail) HANGING KEY (thumbnail) LINCOLN (thumbnail) LAUNDRY (thumbnail) COKE SIGN (thumbnail) MONEY TO BURN II (thumbnail)
Six Shooter with Badge (large view)
Six Shooter with Badge
Acrylic on panel
11" H x 14" W