Richard Newill: Still Life Paintings, Trompe L'oeil, Sports Art


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PENNT CANDY II (thumbnail) LAST CALL (thumbnail) MOONLIGHT ROSES (thumbnail) STILL LIFE WITH FRUIT (thumbnail) STILL LIFE WITH VIOLIN (thumbnail) CHERRIES WITH SUGAR BOWL (thumbnail) MASTERPIECE IN CRAYOLA (thumbnail) HANGING GRAPES (thumbnail) real corks framed (thumbnail) THE LAST KISS (thumbnail) Autumn Sonata (thumbnail) Apple with Green Grapes (thumbnail) Cherries II (thumbnail) Silver Coffeepot (thumbnail) Cherries I (thumbnail) Peonies (thumbnail) THREE KISSES (thumbnail) Penny Candy (thumbnail) HANGING APPLES (thumbnail) Silver Sugarbowl with Grapes (thumbnail) Corks (thumbnail) Madolin (thumbnail) Marbles (thumbnail) Oriental Still Life (thumbnail) GOOD AND PLENTY (thumbnail) The Brass Teapot (thumbnail) POP CORN (thumbnail) Corks in a Row (thumbnail) Sanctuary (thumbnail) TOOTSIE ROLL POP (thumbnail) SILVER KISSES (thumbnail) Duet (thumbnail) Calla Lily (thumbnail) Silver Ball (thumbnail) Overture (thumbnail) Tulips with Blue Vase (thumbnail) Apples (thumbnail) Roses (thumbnail) Marbles 2 (thumbnail) Bosc Pear (thumbnail) $100,000 (thumbnail) Red Marble (thumbnail) Girl with pearl necklace (thumbnail) Three Tomatoes (thumbnail) Rose with Cherries (thumbnail) Corks in Martini Glass (thumbnail) Saltshaker I (thumbnail) Peonies ll (thumbnail) Hydrangeas (thumbnail) Apples (thumbnail) BLUE MARBLE (thumbnail) BUICK HOOD ORNAMENT (thumbnail) SILVER BALL II (thumbnail) ROLLS OF MONEY (thumbnail) Hanging Grapes (thumbnail)  Hydrangeas in Shot Glass (thumbnail) ODE TO WILLIAM HARNETT (thumbnail) PAPER DOLLS (thumbnail) MICKEY AND MINNIE (thumbnail) RED CRAYOLA (thumbnail) ORIENTAL STILL LIFE (thumbnail) sword and flag (thumbnail) PEONIES WITH CHERRIES (thumbnail) A PRIZE INSIDE (thumbnail) COFFEE AND DONUTS (thumbnail) KISSES IN WINE GLASS (thumbnail) TWO PEARS (thumbnail) THREE CHERRIES (thumbnail) THE SILVER PITCHER (thumbnail) MATCHBOOK COLLECTION (thumbnail) PASTRY (thumbnail) HANGING BANANAS (thumbnail) THE CHROME LADY (thumbnail) THE THREE LADIES (thumbnail) ROMANZA (thumbnail) CALLA LILY WITH CHERRIES (thumbnail)
PENNT CANDY II (large view)
20" H x 24" W